Mr. Token, My Baby Friend

Mr. Token is a South American rodent native to the Andes Mountains. He is an ebony chinchilla known for their smaller stature and inability to breed with the highly coveted violet chinchillas causing deformations in birth and/or a shorter life span. Chinchillas have been known to live over 20 years; Token only being 2.4 years in age is at present the equivalent of a teenager. Nutrients are consumed through a diet of timothy hay, boring pellets and a small amount of water. While this basic diet is enough to maintain health, chinchillas often become ecstatic upon consuming sweet fruits, such as (yogurt coated) papaya and raisins. As chinchillas have at least 50 hairs per folicle, which puts our 1 per folicle to shame, this makes them ideal, hypo-allergic pets as mites can not survive in the lush dense fur, which also makes bathing in liquid a danger. The high density of the fur would make drying improbable by natural means, hence their curious bathing practices of rolling in a fine dust that simulates volcanic ash resulting in a soft coat with a lustrous sheen. While experiencing a chinchilla bath, one is likely to see an overwhelming display of cuteness, namely, the nose swipe -google it.

What marvelous creatures... who are ale to self-administer fellatio.

Today, I took some photos of Mr. Token, my baby friend :


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