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okay, fine - a little awesome. but first things first, get a load of these babies:

melty bready chocolatey goodness presented in an adorable tray and dirty branding. we've been eating Pankys on the regular (we meaning me and rich; 2:1 respectively -3:1 may be more accurate) and to qoute Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods, "I could eat 700 of these."

anway, streamlining procedures excite me... and scare me -which some would argue are mutually exclusive. hot damn, we could so easily never leave our living rooms and still have everything we need at our fingertips (maybe i'm being too presumtive and should instead say "I need" -you know, minus fresh air and sunshine, but really, who needs sunshine? cold eerie glows are where it's at.) or voice command, if you're all over that, which is like, too much for me since sometimes, speaking just isn't convenient. it can't possibly be healthy and i'll probably turn into a scary, but an odd pairing of laziness and OCD temps me...sorry, i digress. i guess it just depends on how you want technology to enhance your life, which could (if not wisely implemented,) in the end, actually detract from the overall quality. the struggle with technology ensues and the robot war is still pending, but in the meanwhile, here is a home networking map that (going back to my initial point) excites me.

i like sitting on couch.