awesome awareness

who: mine and rich's gluttonous asses what: HONEY TOAST aka mouthgasm tearconductor of all that is delicious and explosively awesome aka two fat ass pieces of bread, vanilla pineapple coconut (maybe, i could be making the pineapple coconut part up) icecream, and honey. sweet sweet honey. when: ALL DAY where: Dragonfly Restaurant
do yourself a favor: EAT IT.



flight to the conceptart.org, revelations, workshop -Seattle edition. no, thanks. ahoy nox napping during revelations; me being creepy.


this is for my homie/Richard/dad

these were taken on March 19th, the first time i went to the beach, to scream at the sky, smile at the sun, and hi-five the wind. my insides felt nice, at peace, yet all the while frantic, like i hoped they would. from that day, it had been three years since Richard's passing and i couldn't think of a better way to show reverence and celebrate what he was all about. to top it off, Dani and i totally got the fuck down to a fantastically psychadelic show that evening. Richard, you are truly missed and wholeheartedly appreciated. You were one hell of a dad and the element that sparked my creativity. Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the very depths of my heart. and now, a few song lyrics by Richard, the most interesting person, i have had the fortune of experiencing, in what at times, can seem like a very mundane world (but he taught me otherwise): close the door there's a bear in the floor he's going to come and get you and rip your heart out oh, baby HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA